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Sandifer & Associates Forensic Firm's vision is to be a dependent partner for our client’s forensic and justice needs. We pursue this endeavor by applying the latest state of the art knowledge and skills in forensic science. We seek truth within ethical standards and respect every party involved.

We value reevaluations, reexaminations, and reconsiderations as it relates to forensic evidence. We work hard to discover any mistakes or miscarriage of justice for our clients from a forensic standpoint. Legal teams search for insight within the forensic field, we strive to be that partner that provide that level of professional and technical insight.


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The complex world of forensic litigation requires an experienced and expert team in order to develop a winning strategy. As a forensic consultant Sandifer Forensic Firm can assist you in preparing the technical portions of your case in both testifying and non-testifying roles. Our litigation and consulting support services include:

• Screen cases for merit, review/summarize/analyze documents

• Provide technical reports of findings and provide expert witness testimony in the court of law

• Reevaluation of forensic findings previously submitted within the case

• Developing technical strategy in cooperation with the client and counsel

• Trial preparation assistance, assist in pre-trial discovery including preparation of courtroom exhibits

• Testimony as an expert witness at deposition and/or trial

• Production of declaration or other technical documents

• Interrogatory recommendations, preparation of deposition questions for witness and opposing experts

• Deposition and mediation attendance