Forensic Consulting At Your Service​....

Sandifer & Associates Forensic Firm's vision is to be a dependent partner for our client’s forensic and justice needs. We pursue this endeavor by applying the latest state of the art knowledge and skills in forensic science. We seek truth within ethical standards and respect every party involved.

We value reevaluations, reexaminations, and reconsiderations as it relates to forensic evidence. We work hard to discover any mistakes or miscarriage of justice for our clients from a forensic standpoint. Legal teams search for insight within the forensic field, we strive to be that partner that provide that level of professional and technical insight.


Examiner Capabilities

The following is a listing of examinations provided by Sandifer Forensic Firm. 

Administrative Matters 

Background / History of Firearms Identification

Firearms and Ammunition Development


Examination of Firearms

Examination of Foreign Weapons and Ammunition

Evaluation of Opposing Forces Foreign Firearms

Bullet Examinations and Comparisons

Cartridge/ Cartridge Case Examinations and Comparisons

Serial Number Restoration Case Review

Shotshell and Shotshell Component Examinations

Toolmark Examinations and Comparisons 

Gunshot Residue Examinations and Distance Determination

Shooting Reconstruction Examination and Analysis


Success within the court room starts with a sound game plan

Sandifer Forensic Firm aims to provide the highest level of forensic consultation. We understand our clients' needs and we strive to provide the highest level of forensic consulting based on highest level of forensic standards and techniques.